All Clothes as item (Remove, Wear, and Rob)( OX QS QB INV)

download the updates sir

sorry chezza dont have meta data as i know if there is we can make it

make sure you read all the requirements

is this fix?

Quasar Soon

I have for qbcore but the problem right now is saving the clothes skin

Update : Available in Quasar inventory
Soon for Fivem Appearance

done its working now

will soon release

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Im on vacancy after :slight_smile: I will try

ok no problem

Update Available in

  1. Qb Inventory + fivem Appearance
  2. Available in Quasar and OX + Fivem Appearance

done sir you can check

Can I use it with fivem appearance + ox inventory + esx legacy?

yup you can

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make sure you all read the requirements

up any problem

esx legacy + mf inventory + fiveM appearance, and ill buy <3