All about the people you run into

There was a time where there was actually serious RP on this server. Now its edging towards “serious 100k or die RP” Server has genuinely gone down the shtter. Admins just only ever play by the rules and not looking at the actual RP scenario. I reported a bunch a people for not valuing their freedom on my cop and fail rp because i was just getting spam tackled, i tried tasing someone and cuffing them to bring him to MRPD to talk about his actions then i was just tackled by 20 people again and they snatched him, and lock picked the cuffs so he got away. That scene was also at a city wide event, which im sure admins were watching and they did nothing about the people who were just abusing mechanics. I reported and they said “it was a nuisane but there are no rule breaks” i guess fail rp and valuing freedom and cop baiting doesnt matter. I guess in real life you’d just walk up to a cop and tackle him to get your boy free as if there couldnt be 100 more cops to pull up and assist the situation. (there were only 2 cops on at the time but thats not the point im trying to make). I wouldve been okay with the scene if they did all that then left, but they continued to spam tackle me for more than 15 minutes and the admins literally did nothing about it

Now the server has great development, its honestly top tier compared to alot of the sht copy paste servers. This community just sucks and the server capacity is showing this as it used to average 200+ people and max w/ a line on weekends/weekday nights.

if youre looking for serious rp. go whitelisted. this server is NOT serious rp. Its only serious RP if you get caught breaking rules.

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