AlaskaPD by AGN v5 | Custom AST/APD/Fire EUP | Custom Vehicles

Welcome to the AlaskaPD by AGN. We welcome you on this adventure with us in creating a FiveM server built upon members wanting to thrive in the LEO experience! AlaskaPD was built on the FivePD framework when it was first developed, over the course of a year we have turned AlaskaPD into a functional Roleplay Server that anyone can be a cop on.

• We have over 25+ Vehicles to choose form in terms of AST/APD
• We have a decent fleet of Fire and EMS Vehicles
• We have custom EUP developed inhouse by Karsen

Why Alaska you might ask? We wanted to build a server based off Alaska due it it being one of our favorite state to work with in terms of developing skins, but as well for the way we enjoyed our time at a first community. We have built this in memory of that server, and hope to see future progress grow from our ever growing community discord that connect our members!

We offer a completely free CAD/MDT system for all our public officers. Registering has been made even easier with our CAD/MDT. Just leave the ‘Access Code’ blank upon registering to get registered and you should have access to every single department we offer.

Offered Departments;

• Alaska State Troopers - AST
• Anchorage Police Department - APD
• Anchorage Fire Department - AFD
• Material Communications - Matcom (Dispatch)
• Civilian Operations

Offered Sub-Divisions: (Application based)

• ABI (Alaska Bureau of Investigations)
• AWT (Alaska Wildlife Trooper)
• Fire Incident Command
• ABHP (Alaska Bureau of Highway Patrol)
• SERT (Special Emergency Response Team)
• Supervisor

We are currently actively developing this project further, looking to add more and more features!

• Featuring Custom scripts

Server IP: fivem://connect/
Discord: AlaskaPD by AGN


Amazing server! 10/10 must play, awesome community, lovely staff and more - John B.


Amazing server I joined with little experience and was able to learn the ropes quickly throughly great FTO’s and soon enough I am running my own department. Everyone here works so hard and has a passion to make the server great. Also, we have a great development team!


Wow this server is amazing the rp alone is a great nontoxic community the staff are wonderful and there isnt even any server lag! In my opinion you have to try this server if you own FiveM!


Amazing community, There not just some regular old rp server there an rp server that’s not like the rest. One of the best communities you can be a part of were all family :slight_smile:


Amazing community, great management and members, its in the perfect position between serious RP and fun and the commitment from everyone, it makes a hell of a community.


Wow! This server looks good, i’m gonna check it out!

EDIT: I’ve been on this server for like a day and already feel like i’m part of the community and belong! I’d recommend this server to anyone, the scripts are outstanding, the dev team are impecible, and every single department is filled with people who know how to RP and it truly is a wonderful environment. I would recommend this to anyone starting out in rp or looking for a new start. Love the server! Keep it up guys!



I want everyone to know the professionalism and activity on this server is incredible. I have recently became staff member and truly love being apart of RSADPS. This is the first server I joined being on FiveM, and to be honest I plan to be here until I don’t play on my PC anymore. This is just a well bonded community were RP is very realistic and it’s hard to just move on and leave.

I have checked out servers when I first started playing FiveM about 3 months ago, but by far the RSADPS community stood out to me and still doe’s. Everyone is welcomed and were all here to talk to each other, even for support IRL!

I can go on and on and on about RSADPS but the only reason im leaving a reply is to let those folks who are not apart of the community and are looking for a good one to be apart of, RSADPS is the one. We will help guide you if needed. There is no need to be shy or afraid because at the end of the day, RSADPS is family.

Anyways, my discord is Christian#9255 if you have questions or need assistance with anything. Trust me, you will not regret being apart of this community. Cya around!

[1B-06] Christian M. :orange_heart:


Mhm, very good community, been with them for a long time and never had an issue, they handle things fairly and quickly, very laid back. If you join the server you will not regret it


Amazing server! 100/100 always had fun on the server, great staff and more - Camron M R-101


Definitely the best server I’ve ever played on!

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Best server ever! Yea!

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i cant submit another ban appeal, need help @Michael_P

Latest GFNRP v1 Update Patch Notes;

We have added more ESX locations around the map for the policejob to allow for more availability around the county for necessary areas. Sandy Shores, Paleto.

Added in MLO map interiors to the Sandy Shores Sheriff Station, Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Station
Added in MLO map interior for Sandy Shores Medical Center
Updated and removed features from “RSADPSCore” for more optimization and no resource warnings.
Added in esx_taxijob, esx_tattooshop, esx_barbershop
Updated es_extended to remove cash and bank, made the cash a simple text, and added in allcity_wallet for better hud overlay
Added all addon vehicles to esx_vehicleshop that isn’t LEO.
Added Server Sided Postals map with correct nearest postals.
Added refuel stations at Mission Row PD, Sandy Shores Sheriff Station and Paleto Bay Station as when some LEO vehicles are spawned they spawn with 2% fuel - [Still trying to find a fix for this]

Lovely command staff, civ department is good too!

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best server ever! Thank you man!

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Server trailer

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New AlaskaPD Server Trailer