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Akuma World RP was created and launched in March of 2022. We are a public community and our main goal is for people to come in, be creative, and get attached to their character creation and stories as their character(s) and stories continue to develop with each interaction with their fellow citizens.

So Let’s Jump right in on what we have to offer you…

We have implemented a lot of features and continue to add new things on a daily basis. We have several things geared to not only criminals but also civilians. While we are still a fairly new city we are working towards developing our DOJ departments like PD, EMS, and court systems. We have plenty of options and activities that can be found in various parts of Los Santos.

Citizen jobs found at City Hall:

  • :bus: Bus Driver | Drive a bus around the city taking people from place to place

  • :articulated_lorry: Garbage Collector | Help keep the city clean by going around and collecting only the nastiest of garbage.

  • :wood: Lumber Jack | Help provide wood and other wood materials needed in the city. Sign up for the job, head over to the Lumber depot and grab a truck and other materials needed and then get to chopping down trees.

  • :newspaper: News Reporter | Do you thrive to report the news? Do you have a burning desire to let the populous know what is happening in the here and now? Do you want to help take a bite out of crime? If you answered yes to all of that or most of it, Apply for the news.

  • :taxi: Taxi Driver | Drive citizens and local civilians around the city

  • :pickup_truck: Tow Truck Driver | Pick up stalled vehicles for local civilians, the police department, or even your fellow citizens.

  • :truck: Truck Driver | Become the REAL MVP by delivering packages around the city.

Jobs you can do while working for a Whitelist Job or City Hall Job:

  • :corn: Farming | With an elaborate system, you can harvest various fruits and veggies as well as tend to pigs and cows. You can then sell the products to the NPC, Process them, or sell them to a local business.

  • :fishing_pole_and_fish: Fishing | Talk to Carlos down by the docks and sell some fish to him. But there are rumors that there is a restaurant in town that will buy fish for a better price than Carlos.

  • :hibiscus: Gardener | Help keep the city beautiful by taking care of the foliage

  • :hotdog: Hotdog Server | Serve hotdogs to the local civilian population

  • :pizza: Pizza Delivery | Deliver hot and ready pizza to the local civilian population.

Found within Akuma World RP, we have several whitelisted jobs where citizens can apply to run the business or hire employees. We have unique businesses around the city where employment applications are currently open for all whitelisted jobs listed below:

  • :coffee: Bean Machine
  • :cherry_blossom: Best Buds
  • :police_car: BCSO (Police)
  • :hamburger: Burgershot
  • :balance_scale: DOJ
  • :ambulance: EMS
  • :wrench: Mechanic
  • :red_car:PDM
  • :house_with_garden: Real Estate
  • :taco: The Taco Shop
  • :taxi: Taxi Manager
  • :ramen: The Wong Restaurant

:art: Grafitti | Tag up walls around the city with your art. But watch out for PD as they are always lurking in the shadows ready to bust some dirty crims.

:spiral_notepad: Scenes | Create unique scenes to advertise your menus, let citizens know you are on duty, and more

:fishing_pole_and_fish: Fishing | Head to the open waters and see what you can reel in. Can you catch the elusive white whale?

and much more…

  • :racing_car: Custom Cars | We have over 300 cars located inside PDM and slowly are adding more on a regular basis. We have anything from your basic starter cars to your exotic hypercars. Whether you are into your classics, bikes, or donks we have something for everyone.

  • :airplane: Planes | Citizens have the ability to purchase airplanes down at the airport

  • :speedboat: Boats | Down at the docks citizens are able to purchase various watercraft to explore the seas…

  • :people_holding_hands: Multiple Characters | We offer 5 character slots allowing you to explore more options throughout the city.

  • :houses: Housing | Each player starts out with their own apartment but has the opportunity to purchase a house with 6 different interiors.

The Los Santos Police Department features clean vehicle liveries on the imported fleet accompanied by a working CAD system to track criminal activities. We are continually developing the department with the goal of providing fun and positive interactions between LEOs, citizens, and criminals. If you are interested in becoming a member of the LEO team, put in an application on the support tab in discord.

Akuma World RP offers various drugs, unique robberies, and gangs. We have a variety of weapons with custom skins. Should you find yourself being sent upriver, there is a chance that you can escape. When it comes to gangs, you can apply to join an already in city gang or even apply to create your own.

Some Criminal Activities that can be found in the city:

  • :gun: Gangs | Citizens will be able to create their own gang or join an active gang

  • :test_tube: Drug Labs | Various drug labs like meth and coke can be found hidden in the city allowing the criminal to manufacture drugs to sell to the local citizens or even a man behind a door.

  • :shopping_cart: Black Market | Hidden somewhere there is a door to which you can find wonderful illegal toys

  • :bank: Bank Robberies | Get your crew of up to 6 max together and see if you can walk away with some major bank…

  • :gem: Jewelry Store Robbery | Find a way into the store, smash the glass, and get away …

  • :house_with_garden: House Robberies | There are multiple houses all over the city in which someone can walk away with some serious loot.

  • :handshake: Drug Dealers | Rumor has it that multiple dealers have moved into the city and are flooding the streets with Weed. Do you have what it takes to deliver the cargo?

  • :pill: Oxy run | Find the man, and deliver some product

  • :bomb: Updated Thermite | Do you hate the pong style thermite? Guess what so do we… We have updated the thermite game used on heists.

  • :computer: Updated Hacking | We also have updated the hacking methods used in the heist, while we love the matrix, it can be unnerving when the pressure is on…

  • :free: Break out of cuffs | Criminals being handcuffed have a chance to break free.

and much more.

We hope we have piqued your interest and curiosity. We are developed on the goodwill of people’s free time; this goes from the development team all the way through to our department leaders. Because of this, it’s not triple-A game perfection, there will be issues, and there will be areas that need attention but that’s okay. To sit back and call our city would be concerning and overconfident, there needs to be an aspect of improvement because you have to adapt to your player base.

We aim to be a fair community; staff situations are handled through tickets viewable by all staff and transcripts saved in case we need to look back on anything. If you report a rule break and provide valid evidence it will be handled, staff involved in a situation can’t handle their own situations so it won’t be brushed under the carpet.

We realize people aren’t perfect and are working on a warning system but we look at things, as well, on a case-by-case basis. While we don’t yet have a Patreon, all of the donations we receive are put back into the community; server bills, scripts, MLOs, cars, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Click the image below and come join us.


a great new city with active admins they have put a lot of effort into building the city all we need now is more souls that help grow the community

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These two ladies believe that you can’t leave crime just to the boys, with a wide variety of clothing to choose from ladies have endless possibilities available to change their looks and go commit some crimes. Here are just a few examples of outfits used by the ladies from a recent crime spree. And they say crime doesn’t pay (definitely does when you look this good) … Akuma World RP has endless possibilities to unleash your inner criminal. Just watch out for BCSO, they are always lurking in the shadows to attempt to foil ANY criminal’s plans.

The City is All buzzing about the grand opening of The Wong Restaurant bringing some delicious Chinese food to Los Santos in the heart of Little Suel just north of Ammunitions. People are scrambling to collect all the prizes from The Wong Meal. Can you collect them all?

These two Citizens were captured on their way to The Wong Restaurant.

So why not come and give Akuma World RP a chance. The City Officials are always working hard to add new things to the city and make it a unique home for its populous. The Wong Restaurant is a prime example created by one of the city officials to add something unique to the city found currently in no other city.

Employment Applications are currently open for all whitelisted jobs:

  • EMS
  • BCSO
  • Mechanic
  • Best Buds
  • Burgershot
  • The Taco Shop
  • Taxi Job
  • Bean Machine
  • PDM
  • DOJ
  • The Wong Restaurant
  • Real Estate

Fill out an Application on the #support tab and one of the City Officials will meet with you regarding the application.

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Two citizens are enjoying one of the newest JDM Imports found in the city. They said they went to sleep outside PDM to be the first people to purchase it. They pulled over their Cappucino to get some awesome photos while hitting up Bean Machine for some coffee and donuts. Rumor has it that if you give a cop a donut that something special might happen. You can grab a Cappucino at PDM and come cruise with these two.

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BCSO and LSPD are actively hiring. We are looking for individuals who are interested in protecting the citizens and the constitution while busting criminals. #getsome

Checkout out the amazing Menu Mr. Wong has at the Wong Restaurant. Some items have “secret ingredients” to give the item some special properties… Can you collect all the toys in The Wong Meal? Rumor has is that Mr. Wong will also buy ingredients from the citizens of Los Santos.


Great city with a lot of options for both civs and crims.

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  1. Criminals are always finding new ways to have fun in the city:
  1. Pillbox Medical Team:
  • Doctor Shadows and Doctor Dailey are waiting to treat patients as they come into Pillbox. They are also able to write prescriptions for Medical Herb that can be purchased at Best Buds.
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so many more jobs to fill with new souls and a lot of development and fine-tuning went into the city the developers have been putting many hours into it

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Hunting and Fishing have been elevated in Akuma World RP. You can now enjoy hunting and swimming with dolphins, sharks, and whales. Just about any animal can be hunted. But watch out or you can become Murder Kitty Food…

Newly Added Features, Jobs, and Eats:

  • :mechanic: Tunershop | Work with the best of the best at the Tunershop at the docks.

  • :taco: Los Amigos Tacos | Whether you want to work at the taco shop or just eat there you will not be disappointed. Check out the Los Amigos Meal and have a chance to receive one of 14 custom-made items.

  • :deer: Hunting | Hunting has gone to a whole new level allowing citizens to obtain a hunting license (or not) and hunt all kinds of animals throughout the map. Whether you prefer to hunt on land for deer, boar, rabbit, mountain lion, cow, and more

    or maybe you are more of an aquatic hunter and like the bigger more exotic game like the killer and humpback whale, tiger or hammerhead shark, or even dolphin Akuma World RP has you covered.

  • :name_badge: Updated badges for Law Enforcement and Medical Personnel | With the updated items citizens no longer need to worry about whether or not someone is impersonating law enforcement or medical staff.

    Citizens employed with the DOJ or Pillbox medical will be able to show their fellow citizens their credentials proving they are who they say they are.

With weed being legal up to a certain amount in the city, citizens like to get creative. Here is an example of what happens when you mix the following items for science…

While there are other drugs located in the city, this is what they have managed to come across both legal and illegal.

Fascinating people you can find in the city as not all of our citizens are human. If you are lucky you may run into one of these characters running around the city.

Newly Added:

  • Bongs are a newly added product that can be picked up at Best Buds to help relieve stress. Between the freshly added bongs, the multiple types of joints, the gummies, and the brownies citizens have different options to choose from.

bong bong2

Items Found in meals:

  • Wong Meal | The wong meals offer the chance to win one of several items when you open it. The wong meal comes with Kung Pao Chicken, Tanghulu, Saki, and the chance to win a toy.

  • Los Amigos Taco Box | The Los Amigos Taco Box is a meal that comes with A Burrito Meal, a churro, a glass of Horchata, and the chance to win one of Day of the Dead cards each with their own saying. Each one of these cards was custom-made by one of the citizens.


The businesses below are businesses that were either heavily modified (Best Buds) or created from scratch (The Wong Restaurant and Los Amigos Tacos) to fill a need for the city.

Business Menus: