This server is pretty decent, especially for newer folks. It’s pretty simple. Plenty to do and they seem to be growing. But the RDM can be bad at times.
Admins seem to lack on live moderation and require clips for everything. People can go RDMing for hours with nothing done. They’ll literally TP to you, and just say they can’t do anything unless you record it. But dudes noclipping everywhere DMing people? can’t see the kill feed and TP to HIM? tf? lol

They have a massive advantage for real $$$$ players. Which is super whack imo. Super fast cars and decked out guns OP as fuck. You’re literally unkillable.

Don’t go AFK or you’ll get robbed for you money & inventory. Don’t bother getting in shootout with any gang members, they have max armor 24/7 and ak’s.
Don’t try to outrun real $$$ custom cars they have insane speed.

There’s no police.

But have had some fun nevertheless the pay to win aspect.


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