AI npcs, talk to npcs like they are real people with chatGPT

I mean public test server

you have discord ?

Yes, its dev_mate if you are in the cfx discord you can add me

Hello, Could i get an refund. I have tried to make the NPC talking working, No Luck. I think this method is outdated or i am doing something wrong, I have bought another NPC GPT script before that where working for some time until it stopped.

Hello, did you do the necessary setup for them to be able to to talk?(configs, setting up voices, openai apikey)

Yes I did every step and it wouldn’t work still.
I hope I could just get an refund from you, I have contacted tebex support for refund situations.

I hope you understand that you are not the problem and that I have respect for you, it’s just what I feel like I want to do now. Hope you can help me get the money back :smiling_face:

Could you create a whole video, On how to install correct. I think i might have done it the wrong way.

10/10 support
9/10 script

Note: Good service, The script is really good, Only reason it gets an 9 is due to the scripts ai bot don’t have a personality. But for people that don’t talk to the NPC like their friend it would be 10/10.

How y’all have an amazing day or night​:heart::smiling_face:

Update v0.2.1
A new update has been rolled out to fix a flaw, it is advised that you update as soon as possible