[Ages 18+] Tongue-In-Cheek Roleplay(TNCRP) - An OCRP-Inspired DOJ Improv Community [[NEW & UNDER CONSTRUCTION]


Introducing Tongue-In-Cheek Roleplay(TNCRP)
[Under Construction] [Ages 18+ only]
An OCRP-Inspired DOJ Improv Roleplay Community

TNCRP was conceptualized about a month ago from the date of this post. I decided to throw my hat in the ring after spending the last 3 years searching for a community to call home. I’ve come and gone from more than a handful of both public and whitelisted servers and while I did have some amazing experiences with random people, I’ve never truly found that community to call home. I’m sick of searching for that, and I’m honestly just done searching altogether.

I’m throwing my hat in the ring, and pouring my heart and soul into this community. The reason I stated in the title that this is “An OCRP-Inspired Community” is because, well it is. But I’m not copying nor leeching anything at all that they have going on over there. They’ve worked extremely hard over the years for what they have built, and I have a tremendous of respect for the folks that are running the show over there. Let me be clear, I’m inspired by the atmosphere and culture they have hand-crafted. It’s loving, it’s mature, it’s inclusive and honestly at the age of 29, I’m not here for anything less than that. So here I am, trying my best to handcraft my own community with the same values. Things are meant to be casual and chill here, and starting off things will be disorganized and sloppy. I need your help in order to make this community into something incredible, I’m 110% open to suggestions of any kind as long as they match the vision for the server.

Current Features:
vMenu enabled
Proximity Voice Chat w/ working radios and channels
Around 30 LEO vehicles(I need help with vehicles, they’re so stubborn)
Custom interiors and more being added all the time
Postal map
Vehicle refueling w/ working fuel nozzles
DPemote menu and Scully Emote Menu
Posted speed limits
Lightweight CAD/MDT from Hamz

In Progress:
LEO STRUCTURE: For now, I’ll be starting off small. The power structure is almost non-existent and that is kinda sorta by design. Essentially we have Standard patrol officers, and we have shift supervisors, and we’ve got 2 available sub-departments for LEO which are LSPD and BCSO. There will be one shift supervisor for each sub-department, and the rest of the officers will essentially be on the same level. There is no ridiculous over-reaching power structure here, the focus is the roleplay.

Dispatching 911 calls to on-duty officers in game is a WIP as well, I need feedback and ideas for this.

That’s pretty much it. If you’re looking for a community that actually gives a shit about you as a person, then I think you’d be comfortable here.

Join my Discord here and come say hello!