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After Hours RP
Thanks for checking out After Hours RP! Make sure to join our discord to apply.

We are a new whitelisted server that is currently in development. We are looking to build a strong RP foundation with an emphasis on creating a cinematic world with overarching story lines. Our Founders, Admins, and Staff aim to create an environment where the RP is the catalyst for EVERYTHING. We want to fill our community with like-minded individuals, looking to create scenes and stories worth watching.

We are striving to make a living, breathing city; with a focus on creating cinematic scenes through true RP freedom. What does this mean? For us, this means that there are no traditional “whitelisted” jobs. All of our characters have the ability to be as clean or as dirty as they want; but you’ll have to consider the potential consequences in RP. You want to be an EMS character that offers your services to downed criminals for a fee? Go for it! Just remember, you probably won’t keep your job for long unless you’re extremely careful.

We hope by doing this, we allow our role-players to live more complete lives in the city, without feeling the need to have 3 or 4 different characters. We are also not trying to re-create “real life”. Think bigger. Think about all of your favorite movies and the scenes you can watch over and over again. That is our goal.

Drugs, Heists, Player Owned Businesses, Casino, Clubs, Recording Studio, Local Government, Judicial System, Gangs, Hunting, Fishing, Live Anywhere, Community Events, Custom Clothing, Custom Vehicles, Plasma Ball and more.

Mechanic, Police, EMS, Lawyer, Judge, Burgershot, Taco Shop, Casino, City/Government Jobs. Actively hiring for all jobs! Much more to come!