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logothing2 Affinity Roleplay, EST 2022

Affinity roleplay is a brand new non-whitelist roleplay server on FiveM created 1/1/2022. The Affinity Roleplay server is economy based with esx scripts, we believe in the best roleplay for all of our members, the possibilities within out community is endless with many in-game and whitelisted jobs. We are based around a creative imaginary roleplay where you can be anything your heart desires.

We are currently looking for people to run departments and to be a part of our staff team!

Joinable Departments:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Department
  • Communications Department
  • Civilian Department

Our Law Enforcement department is an “All in one” department, this means that when you apply and do your training you will be able to patrol as any department you would like including, LSPD, SAHP, BCSO, SSPD, PBPD and much more.

Our Fire Department is both EMS and Fire Services put into one department, after applying and going through training you will be able to choose what you want to do when in game.

Our communications department is a group of highly trained dispatchers who are trained in ways to keep people calm in situations of stress while also being able to relay information to first responders on the field about what is currently happening at a scene.

The civilian department is the first department you will be entered into once joining.

Recruitment Information:

  • Must be at least 13 years of age and be able to prove your maturity

How To Join:

  • Join our discord server
  • After joining the discord you will be given the “Civilian I” rank within the Civilian department.
  • You can then join the server (Not completed just yet)

Got Questions?

  • DM Audacity#8868 on discord with any questions, you may also DM the same person if you are interested in running a department!

  • You may go to our website to find more info on our community!

  • Join our discord