AdvancedParking v3.0 - Major Update! [ESX] [QB] [Standalone]

it says im not allowlisted to join the server

And that has exactly what to do with AdvancedParking?

Check your allowlist.

Hotfix v3.0.5

  • Moved some debug logs around on client side to better show what’s happening.
  • Added a note in the installation instructions for anyone updating from any pre v3 release.
  • Fixed a rare case of the wrong vehicle model being spawned.
  • Number plate text is now applied on server side to hopefully fix the plate issues.
  • Changed "plate changed" debug text to an error to highlight it in the console for easier bug fixing if it should happen again.

Hotfix v3.0.6

  • Added a command to toggle the different log levels at runtime as server admin.
  • Removed the automatic plate update on server side.
  • Re-added the export to update the plate manually (check readme).
  • This should fix all instances of wrong plates being applied.
  • Re-added the loop that prevents "ghost" vehicles from being spawned.

I ordered 2 times a script without wanting it …

can you send me a message?

Answered in private message :slight_smile:

Hotfix v3.0.7

  • Added (much) more debug information.
  • Added a delay and additional check before client reports successful vehicle spawn.
  • Additional check if someone is inside a vehicle before deleting a "ghost" vehicle.
  • Implemented a workaround for a duplication glitch (vehicles would be saved and spawn in a pile) until I find a proper fix.

Hey @Kiminaze! I’m running into an issue with the advanced parking: everything works well except the fact that after a server reboot, people won’t be able to enter their vehicles because they “don’t have the key”. Is there a way to add a keycheck? We’re using qb-vehiclekeys :confused:


I have players complaining about vehicles disappearing while in the vehicle.
Do you have an idea ?

[Bro, how do I delete a car without having permissions in the game? For example, a police officer comes and seizes it.

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Sorry for the late answers. Reading the first paragraph in the readme would have explained how to get support much faster.

@NoAimGirlKane Most key scripts have those same problems. Basically none of them even consider dynamic spawning of vehicles.
A user kindly provided a snippet for qb-vehiclekeys that fixes the issue. Check the readme for support and you’ll gain access to our FAQ channel containing this snippet and other stuff.

@FR_Dilate I have like three other users that have the same issue. There will be a patch soon to remediate this issue or at least make it easier to find the cause.
Other than that, this can literally be caused by AdvancedParking “fixing” other scripts that try to delete vehicles they normally have no control over. There was a player based car dealership that could cause this. I sadly don’t remember the name.

@BRZ Search the readme for DeleteVehicle. If you still need support, read the first paragraph in the readme.

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