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this is my owned vehicles

good release(20characters)

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does this work on a standalone without esx, and for the plates what does DB mean

It is not standalone. It requires ESX or VRP

DB = DataBase

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Does someone here use it with advanced parking? If yes, do I have to change something to make it compatible or does it not effect each other?

What advanced parking does?

It saves the location of the car and spawns it there after a server restart.

Well, both scripts should woth together without problems. My script just change vehicles handlings

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Hey nice to see you also here. Im adding the engine sounds and other stuff i added before into core_vehicle into this one. Stay tuned

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Did you try this one ? its better than core ?

can u change the kms on oil change

There was a major BUG for core_vehicle. The tuning parts don’t add to handling after you pull it out of garage or get offline which means the car remain default handling whenever you pull the vehicle out of garage. Now I’m just wonder is this script has the exactly same issue.

btw i think this bug probably caused by onesync

Hello, i tested on onesync ON and the handling was fully applied on the car

can we use fakeplates with this script ? if we put plate from car which have tuning to another one did tuning from first will apply to second ?

No, the tunings are connected to the plate

can u change the kms on oil change

What do you means?

i mean can u change how long to a oil change for 1500 to 10000 kms

Yes, you can easily config everything on config files

It is not compatible with vRP, I do not have owned_vehicles in the database.
Please give me your discord to contact you to show with share-screen problem…