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Video Demonstration (click me)


  • A complex system that allows you a much greater immersion to vehicles;
  • Mileage: The mileage of each vehicle is saved so you can see exactly how much you’ve drove with each car;
  • Car Services: You need to periodically check your vehicle to keep it well, if you don’t do the checks, your vehicle may lose power, suspension get bad, transmission break, etc;
  • Items like engine oil (should be changed every 1500km), tires (changed every 8000km), timing belt, shock absorber and much more;
  • Upgrades: It is also possible to change the performance of your vehicle with a multitude of possibilities that this function generates, it is possible to configure any type of upgrade for your server;
  • It is possible to configure for upgrades to change any type of configuration of your vehicle, upgrades directly affect their physics;
  • Nitro: Nitro must be installed in the upgrades screen and is activated on the LEFT ALT key, it generates much more power for your car for a limited time. Nitro also has a limited amount of charges;
  • You can make a vehicle become rear wheel drive, front wheel drive or four wheel drive;
  • Each vehicle has a different behavior for each type of upgrade;
  • Everyone has access to the /status command menu, but only mechanics can inspect, service and upgrade vehicles;
  • You can easily add new upgrades/car services;
  • Extremely configurable script, all values ​​can be easily changed in a well explained configuration file;
  • Well optimized and without bugs;


  • This script does not interfere or replace the Los Santos/Bennys script, both work perfectly together;
  • Only mileage and nitro HUD included;


- vrp, vrpex, esx (any version)


- Mysql Async


- Easily translatable to your language


- The code is nicely presented and the script comes with a huge config where you can easily configure almost everything

Where to buy

- Tebex (click me)


- Feel free to contact me if you have any installation issue or if you need anything else, i'll happily assist you

Thanks everyone!!

Woah! Looks pretty cool :smiley:

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Nice release, but be warned there will be a crappy developer coming in here saying you stole his code and what not. Be ready for it.


HAHAHAH why do i know who you mean

Because we both have issues with the dude xD

Omg my codes being used!!!

Amazing script!

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resmon? also what happens when you hit with your car? also does it interfere with realisticvehiclefailure ?

On resmon it uses 0.01 to 0.05ms

This script changes the vehicle handling, so it will conflict if you use other one that will change the same handlings

Hello good morning, first of all, very good job.
I wanted to know if when a player punctures your tire or you hit a structure, the parts suffer damage or only suffer damage depending on the mileage of the vehicle.

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Great work bro, nice design as always.
Love bootstrap

Btw you should remove your sale on modit i know you and lixeiro is the same dev. Selling to 3rd party is somehow not allowed i think.

After the database is imported, no error is reported when the resources are started. However, the input command check shows that you must take a valid vehicle, and there is no identification on the map :expressionless:

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can you configure it for only mechanic jobs to be able to use it?

Nice script, very nice. You are dev bro. But delete 3rd party link <3

You can only use on a owned vehicle. The vehicle plate matches must match with vehicle plate on your database

Only mechanics can do the actions on the interface

What 3rd party link?

what if i have multiple mechanic jobs

It is possible to add multiple jobs

nice system, can you add please more functionality for tuning? like paintjob etc. i guess this can be a perfect script for a workshop

It has some issues for me
KM count never goes away
anyone can do /status
when i upgrade something on ui shows nothing installed

i use ESX1.1