Advanced Trash Script

How would I add the coords into the script, what would the string look like and where would I drop it as to not break the script? Could you show an example. I don’t see a section pre-designated for locations and I thought they were pre-loaded by the video presentation.

You can add it in cl_utils.lua, in the unload command, just add a location and check if the player who did /unload was near !

I’m saying how would I add it? Can you give an example please of how to write it out for coords and making sure the player did the unload? I just don’t want to break it or do it 10 times. I assumed based on the video presentation this area would have a pre-designated add your dump spot here with coords marked as 0’s and the dev just changes them like every other script i’ve gotten it’s ready without guess work where you place stuff. I honestly have no idea how i’d implement it i’m not a coder by trade so any help would be lovely.

Sorry, my other answer was deleted because i asked you to contact me on discord. I’ll sort it for you but please dont trash me, This is insulting.

No worries, i’ll delete it I didn’t mean to offend you.

Updated 17/08/23

  • Added a lot of new configs, including zones to unload, more language configs …
  • Added an on duty / off duty mode
  • Added a configuration to add peds from which you can take your service and spawn a truck
  • Little optimization
  • Fixed minor bugs

can i get a new discord link?

however discord works. can i get the ss config somewhere?

Send a DM on discord or open a thread in general-help channel, i’ll see this with u

Hello @Pingouinnn

I have a few questions regarding this script if that is okay.

  1. Would this work with custom/add-on Garbage Trucks.
  2. Is there any ways that you can get soft locked (That you are aware of)
  3. Is there a permission based setup with the /commands?



Thanks for your interest in my ressource,

  • My resource is fully compatible and fully configurable with any custom trash truck
  • Wdym by soft locked ?
  • There is no permission based setup, but you can couple it to a framework with a job to detect

Reach me if you have other questions :slight_smile:

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for the soft lock i mean as in it can freeze you in something like an emote and you are unable to get out of it

Should not happen, i put error checks everywhere but i can always make a mistake, if you find a bug, report it and i’ll deploy a fix asap

Thats grand, cant wait to get this into our server in the coming weeks

Will always do my best to satisfy, hope This resource will fill your expectations !

I was looking for a standalone Trash script and this fits the bill perfectly. My ONLY critique is there’s no marker for where you unload the trash. Other than that, solid work on this.

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Indeed, I was thinking the same - a marker would be proper for user-convenience.

Else, can anyone here send an functioning version (or plane, but without the comments and stuff) of the selling part in the sv_utils.lua?
As I´am new to the deving szene, I can´t do that part on my very own :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

I just ended up adding a marker to my ‘blips’ script to alleviate it, and added some spots too.

And a functioning Payment system? :smiley:
Then I would be much appreciating it!!