Advanced (Realistic) Fishing - FiveM QBCore/ESX Script

client please and thank you!

Hi @Bostra :blush:
I made your update, you can download the updated version from keymaster.

Those event will be triggered
when catch a fish:

dz-fishing:client:CatchFish -- args(fish name)

when selling fishes:

dz-fishing:client:SoldFishes -- args(fishes amount, total selling price)

hope you enjoy them :blush:

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Script looks great keep it up.

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Hiya, after being unable to use ox_inventory with the fish seller, I wrote a script for a buyer myself. But I can’t remove the shop ped from the config is it like hard-coded in to need it?

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Hi @Bostra :blush:
I apologize for my late respond.
There’s already an option in each ped config, allows you to enable and disable spawning and using the peds from the script.

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Looking nice and thanks

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Thank you sir :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

awesome script due

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Thank you dude :blush:

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