Advanced Public Transport AI

i will try
can anticheat be the issue ?

This is also happening to me from time to time, what I did was increase the amount of tries and reduce the wait inside the while loop, and that gives a better result when creating the ped, but puts more load server side

Thank you for the share :grin:

Yeah got the same as that, what did you exactly change have been playing around a bit with it but still happens a lot.

I will create a post to see if someone knows a fix to this problem.
Maybe using CreatePed and then TaskWarpPedIntoVehicle works better. Should be tested.

Maybe I can give it a go, actually i’m quite surprised that CreatePedInsideVehicle doesn’t make it work. Still i will give a go to your proposal and see what results I can get!

but very nice idea. but the driving style is not set for me. sometime he drives very good at the corners and sometimes he ram trafficlights etc

I know, but it’s the best value I could find. It’s from re_bus_tours.c from the decompiled scripts

unfortunately i haven’t been able to do it either so far. we mainly have problems with the bus drivers who suddenly disappear or the bus stands around somewhere and doesn’t move on. i would be willing to spend $50 for a script like this. :smiley:

Hey, I have an QB Core Server and I cant enter the Bus because the doors are closed, any idea?

SOLVED: [qb] - vehiclekeys - config

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