Advanced Police Grab Ped - Standalone [Paid]


Advanced Police Grab Ped


Easily drag your players across the map with this new resource!

With this complete configuration this script will adapt to the needs of your server!

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  • Fully customizable, with this complete configuration this script will adapt to the needs of your server!

  • Compatible with your handcuffing system, this resource is compatible with your handcuffing system!

  • Animation that holds by the arm, animation modifiable from the configuration.

  • Synchronized animation, all animations of the script are synchronized on all players!

  • Collision, the script includes a collision system with the trainer in order to tackle him against the wall easily!

  • Putting a person inside a vehicle, you can easily put the person inside a vehicle with a customizable button from the configuration.

  • Taking the person of the vehicle, you can easily get the person out of the vehicle!

  • Permission system, this script is ESX, QBCore and standalone compatible.

  • Language, this resource is available in French and English, you can still add your own language for your server in configuration!

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Find our complete documentation which contains the help list for the configuration of our scripts, as well as the use of the FiveM Assets Escrow


We do not share the 3d model used in the video.
The Advanced Police Grab Ped uses FiveM escrow system.

Code is accessible Partial
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500
Requirements None
Support Yes

Nice work!


thank you :slight_smile:

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Police only?


No you can do it for any job you want

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This is just amazing LOOOOVEEE ITTTT!!!


thank you :slight_smile:

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would this work with SEM Interaction Menu?


Yes of course! The script is made to adapt to all scripts, you can make this script compatible with ours via an ExecuteCommand(‘grab’) in your script for example.

I don’t normally post on these as I usually just browse and grab an MLO here or there.
I don’t mean to be rude, but 15 EUROS is a huge price to pay for a very very small script, that the script also doesn’t seem optimised. This is roughly 70/100 lines of code, if that

I’ll rephrase ‘optimised’ as in poor choice of coding design. There is flickering and the way the Player gets into the car is… weird.
For example, here’s my version

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Thank you for your comment, to answer you, our script is optimized, the script uses the method of FiveM Escrow System so I do not know where you can know that our script has 100 lines? Moreover the price remains affordable, we pay taxes to offer you a complete system and an anti-theft on our scripts.

I understand what you mean and i can say: you have right! But really, doesn’t matter how much line of code are, for this kind of script thers a lot of hours of work, the price i think is perfect, you got something new in your server and not so easy as you think to create yourself… I dont know who is Rytrak and it’s not my friend, it’s only my opinion. Again, i hope you understand that my comment is not for “you”, it’s general, and this kind of comment just make this community “ugly” and it doesn’t seem the case. Just comment what you see, if you dont like the price dont buy it, or just wait some donation from your community and then get it :slight_smile:
Sorry for my english, love u all

Is this optimized very well? What’s the Resmon on it while it’s being used? And is the animation synced up on server side, so everyone sees the players both walking properly, or just client side, so only the cop sees the proper animation(s)?

IS that using this script? If so, he shouldn’t be charging for it at all.

No, it was just an example for what my servers system is compared to a 15 euro script, which took us at most 20 minutes to do

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The resmon indicates 0.03ms, the animation is totally synchronized with all the players, even the ped that walk

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Your script is not at all the same as ours, it makes from a to z and totally different with this one.

As I answered above, it’s not the same script at all, we have more advanced features, we use FiveM Escrow System, you can see on the video.

I think this reply of yours, was meant for someone else, I didn’t say anything about “my script”

Yes rather the script that @Zambie showed :slight_smile: