Advanced Megaphone System - Standalone [Paid]

as mentioned above, can you create a toggle for item/command use for this so peds don’t run away?

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This is scheduled for an update in the near future

:rocket: Update | Advanced Megaphone System

➤ Fixed issue when you aim with your megaphone the pnj run around

➤ Optimization
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Do you have to use your version of pma-voice?

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Yes, it is compatible with pma-voice

you can but it in item ?

Really nice! I came up with this idea and was planning to develop it, but given you’ve already done the work and for this really good price, I just bought it (along with 2 other of your scripts I was already planning on buying). This may be a first in the forums but you should have set a higher price (and I’m not saying this because I wanted to make it, just because I think the idea is worth it!).

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Thank you for your comment! I tried to make the script as accessible as possible :slight_smile:

can it be use with item?

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Yes with qbcore or esx

How to adjust distance of megaphone using pma-voice?

why does FiveM Assets Escrow show This asset can’t be downloaded?

There was a compilation problem, this problem has been fixed 3 hours ago, sorry for the problem

You can, directly in the commands.lua file of pma-voice