Izzy Shop Health system

1. You can customize the products that apply first aid and the percentage rates they give
2. You can adjust the given display settings according to your own % settings
3.Damaged areas were made in the best way the game can perceive them
4. If you make all damaged areas 100% with the detected item on you, the person is revived (Escrow) %50 DISCOUNT (Open Source) %50 DISCOUNT

  • There is everything inside, it will be healthier to watch the video
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Izzy Shop Hud V3

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +500
Requirements None
Support Yes
Escrow Yes

The system is very good, it makes you want to become an ems


System is very very good. I will buy this. Thanks Izzy!


a unique design, and a perfect store :wink:


nice system


This looks great, in the preview was it just to show how it looks with that certain command? I am interested in it but I am wondering what other features it has like self check in, players able to check their own injuries/heal them, an animation when someone working EMS is working on a downed person, etc. ya know? Maybe more items than a bandage for certain injuries?


Documentation or Config preview? want to see how everythings set up, looks quite interesting

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Amazing! Thanks Izzy

What is difference between this script
and this script: Advanced health system v2
and this script: [QB/ESX] Advanced Health System | Body Health

the design and functionality is exactly the same and only colors are different between this 3 script!


Hi KazashimoUK, if you contact us, we can send you a config preview

Hi OneHypocrisy, you can edit everything in the config

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nice script and nice design

Hi vegas91, it is normal that the systems are similar because it is not an open-ended script, the things you can do are limited, everyone is trying to add their own interpretation, in design, people buy what they like, just because people have produced that product does not mean that we cannot produce it, have a nice day :wave: