Advanced Gold Panning & Table

Advanced Gold Gathering

FEMALE FRIENDLY and OneSync compatible

There are two ways to get gold.

Using the table

  • Place a table and then fill the table with water.
  • The table contents are synchronized between all players.
  • The tables have automated degradation so if they are not maintained they will auto destroy.
    (can be turn off in config)
  • All data is NOT lost on restarts.
  • There are configs for the items that you can get from the table.
  • You need to use a bucket in order to fill the table.
  • For this you use a bucket in the water
  • You can fill the water to the max level the table allows.
  • You can set the table to be processing.
  • When it starts the processing you only need to bring more water.
  • The table will stop processing when there’s no more water so you will need to activate it again.
  • There is a cool effect that simulated water flow while the table is processing.
  • All values are configurable.
  • Works for male and female.
  • I am currently working on adding a water level indicator so people can visually see it.

Using the panning tool

  • Use a panning tool in the water.
  • Random chances of finding gold.
  • You can add any items you want in the config.
  • You can configure all chances and amounts.
  • Works for male and female.

Updated to v0.0.2

  • General bug fixing and improvements

Full support and up to make improvements!


Code is accessible Yes
Lines (approximately) 1000
Requirements Vorp (standalone and all frames soon)
Support Yes

1.) resmon?

2.) we can add our own notification?

yeah i can let you choose your own notification np. resmon it’s low, like i said the other day i can’t tell you the resmon use on your pc cause it depends on your specs, but it’s the lowest possible

Mahone_official via Community <> escreveu no dia terça, 16/05/2023 à(s) 16:14:

When repairing the table, it GIVES the player 99 wood. I can’t seem to find this setting in the config.