Advanced Drug Selling [ESX/QBCore]

Update v1.0.7


  • Custom “name” variable to zones
  • HideTextUI function to functions.lua


  • Erratic (sticky) textUI
  • Exploiting with stacks of 1 drug


  1. A “name” variable has been added to each zone to apply a custom name so you can more easily distinguish between zones in the CanSell() function for custom edits.

  2. The erratic/sticky textUI popping up when it shouldn’t, etc should now be resolved.

  3. Exploiting when a player would separate a single drug item into stacks of 1 to get varying prices has been resolved.

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Update v1.0.9


  • New version checking feature
  • Check if player is in vehicle when selling
  • Check for drugs in inventory on zone enter


  • A memory leak with TextUI
  • Sticky TextUI showing up when it shouldn’t
  • The daySelling feature


  • Moved Discord logs to logging.lua

:spiral_notepad: Notes :

  1. Sticky TextUI - those using the TextUI feature should no longer experience the TextUI showing up when it shouldn’t. This should be completely resolved now. Also identified and resolved a memory leak related to TextUI.

  2. Checking for drugs in the inventory upon zone entry was added. This means if players enter a zone with no drugs in their inventory then no target option (or TextUI) will display offering them to sell drugs.

  3. Discord logging settings have been moved to a dedicated server-sided file “logging.lua” so your webhook links are not exposed during a client dump.

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Advanced Drug Sales v2 | Available Now

We just released v2 of this powerful drug selling script! This is of course a free upgrade to all existing users, just redownload from keymaster!

What’s New?

  • Re-built from the ground up for improved security, performance & features.
  • Brand new reputation & leveling system for maximum player engagement.
  • Refactored & reorganized config for more features & customizability.
  • New & more detailed event debugging feature for improved support.
  • Powerful dynamic inventory checking feature that updates interactions in real time.
  • Added default support for a total of 9 police dispatching systems.
  • Added default support for 6 notification resources.
  • Added ability to customize each individual drug prop used in animations.
  • Added an optional max sell limit per zone per server session.
  • Added the ability to customize the type of money that is paid for a sale per zone.
  • & much more!

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