Advanced Death System [ESX & QB] [Rust Inspired]

Pretty cool

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Issues with ESX Death Status and Revive Functionality

  1. Death Status:
  • When a player dies, the status is set to “Dead,” but it does not automatically revert to “Alive.” This must be done manually.
  1. Revive Function:
  • The revive function does not work, even when using medikits.
  1. Additional Features:
  • Downed Players: This feature is not functioning.
  • Reviving Downed Players: This feature does not work.
  • Clear Inventory on Death: This functionality is not operational.
  • Loot Downed Inventory: This feature does not work as intended.
  • Downtime Counter: There is no downtime counter available.
  • NUI Customization: The NUI cannot be edited and must be used in English only.

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here some free advice for any chargeback:

. *Right of Withdrawal and Refund for European Union customers

  1. This Condition 12 only applies to European Union (“ EU”) customers.
  2. EU law provides you with a right of withdrawal on software sales (i.e. the agreement between you and Us). This can be excluded for digitally provided content once the content is provided to the end user. The EU statutory right of withdrawal ends 14 days after you purchase or (where you have provided the appropriate consent and acknowledgement) the moment you start downloading the content and services for the first time (whichever is sooner).
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Hi there, thanks for reporting issues. Unfortunately I can just confirm these reported issues are untrue.

You are saying that almost everything is unfunctional and non operational. This is just a complete false statement. If nothing worked for you, it might just be you who installed it wrongly.

You came into the discord asking support about only 2 things: translation & adding a feature that we haven’t got in the script. You reported nothing else, so there was no option for us to help u set it up if you had any issues with installing the script.

About translations, we told you we are planning on adding it. It isn’t stated on our webstore, so it is basically your own mistake for not reading everything.

About your custom requested future, we told you we can look into it but we cannot promise it. As our system is designed to work like in Rust, where its inspired from. Refering to other scripts having it, doesn’t matter. Its our script, not others. You buy what you read on our site.

And if the ‘‘alive’’ status is actually the case, we are more then happy to solve it for you in a short time period! Bugs are always possible, but we make sure at RX that we fix them as soon as possible when reported. However, you decided to immediately leave the discord and leave this aggressive response.

For the chargeback, no idea why you would put that here. But buying on our site, you agree to our TOS (Tebex TOS too).

I will upload a full video so everyone sees it

We dont need a video, thanks. We already got one on our youtube :+1: If ur video is different, it is due to installation and personal mistakes. We could help with it, but if you don’t accept help then its not our problem.

Here is the proove link even the revive command wont work

Thanks for showcasing your incorrectness.

This video even shows that the downed players feature is working; false report.
The revive command may not work due to any other system in your server denying this command. We are more then open to help find this issue to solve it.

Your claims about the loot inventory / clear inventory, maybe it has something to do with your inventory not being fully compatible on these features. Although, this is fully opensourced and you can change it.

no it dont works you never tested multiple times because your System isnt working with the playerdeatah status its geting bugy after multiple downs player keeps staying in down modus and stuff like that
Anyway i conteacted Tebex so i think you will get 3 caysto fix all the things

bro just let him help you and stop complaining that it doesnt work for YOU. I never have issues and there alot off other people who also dont have problems. And if we have problems we ask in the discord for help.

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As said before, look into your own mistakes or ask us for help. We have over 100+ customers using the system completely fine. Don’t always point your fingers before checking your own hands.

We’re in the discord to help you with issues.