ADRP | SERIOUS RP | Hiring Police/EMS | Active Admins | Custom Scripts | Legal/Illegal Jobs | Aircrafts | Custom Clothes | Player Markets | Properties | Racing + More!

Welcome!, You have found the post for ADRP! We have ALOT of stuff so let me give the basics

We have ACTIVE Staff, We are also looking for Staff!

if your looking for Realistic Police / EMS Experience then this is the community for you!

First Responders:

  • Police / EMS MDW
  • Custom Police / EMS Vehicles
  • ELS Like Controls
  • In-Game Radio (No Teamspeak ETC)


  • Apartments / Homes
  • Well Balanced Economy!
  • Tons of Jobs to do!
  • Custom Cars
  • Tons of Activites
  • Much More!

Check us out today!

Some Screenshots of the City!

Launch night was successful! we had a great time! if you’re not a part of ADRP you should be!