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Hi I’m Rose :wave: coming to you from Adrenaline RP! I can’t wait to meet you and show you around the city! :hugs:

Are you looking for a serious RP server? A new place to call home?

Here at Adrenaline we work super hard to regularly bring fresh, new and exciting features to your RP experience. We listen to what YOU want. In fact we recently just undertook the biggest refurb the city has ever seen! The community was on tenterhooks waiting for it’s release and boy was it worth it :eyes:

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So you want to know more?

Adrenaline was founded back in April this year and has since been a huge hit with roleplayers across FiveM. You may have even seen us featured on Youtube & Twitch! There is something for everyone in our city. We are American based server with active staff and a friendly community. To give you an idea on what else you can expect, check this out;

:moneybag: Realistic economy
:muscle: Skills based system that rewards your grind - you grind, your skills increase, you can gain the upper hand against your fellow friends in the city
:watch: Legal & illegal jobs, which will you choose?!
:oncoming_police_car: LSPD - a strong team of officers protecting the city, run by Chief Nugget
:ambulance: EMS - experienced paramedics who will guarantee to make you feel ship shape in no time, run by Chief Bucket
:house: Purchasable properties
:bank: Purchasable businesses
:black_circle: Black market… get your scuba gear ready as you are going to need it!
:eye: Gangs (Ballas, Syndicate, Scorpians, Cartel, Sons of Anarchy)
:pill: Custom drugs system
:gun: Guns, bang bang
:money_with_wings: Clean & dirty money, don’t let the PD catch you with dirty money… you can use the money wash to make your dirty clean
:red_car: Custom cars for Simeons
:pencil2: Custom code

We spoke about a realistic economy but it doesn’t stop there. Immerse yourself in your RP with these exciting features;

:woozy_face: Instant consequences of vehicle accidents - your awareness and orientation will be comprised
:tongue: Unique DNA system within LSPD
:ambulance: Paramedics who provide a bespoke experience dependant on your trauma - they even provide a fire fighter service!
:dog: Pets! Who doesn’t love dogs… have your own companion to keep you company
:golf: Fun for your days off the grind… such as golf… FORE!
:iphone: Customise your mobile phone, it has access to calls, sms, twitter and Instagram as well as a dark chat for those conversations that need to be kept off the radar

We regularly open up vacancies across our gangs, EMS, LSPD and staff team too!

Oh and not to forget our regular events. Our most recent event was THE PURGE and it went down! The city was mayhem :dagger: :skull:

We welcome all players, new & old with open arms regardless of your RP experience. Catch a flight, we are ready for you :airplane: come and see what the city has to offer, this is just a sneak peak!

Lots of love, Rose :rose: X


Good sniffer dog located that weed!




Scripts 10/10 Staff 3/10