Admin Menu - Highly customizable (actually), Any framework!

Nice script!

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There is a -40% discount for the admin menu script!

Promotion applies to first 3 customers only!
€34.99 €20.99

Package needs to be purchased from this category!

Big update coming soon!

Hello :wave: There are some sneak peeks from an upcoming update that will be released at 7/13/2024 :slight_smile:

  • :fire:New page - Dashboard - You can track activity on the server using clean and simple UI!
  • :fire:Completely redesigned player list - From now on you can also see the full history of players - even those who are offline.
  • :fire:Admin Freecam - It allows you to conveniently view user’s details and quickly open their profile in the admin menu.
  • A lot of back-end improvements!


Great! I have two questions about the script.

Will the upgrade be received by those who already have the script or will it be necessary to purchase it again?

The other question, and more important, in my particular case I need some particular options that I would add myself. Could the script be modified to add those options, or it is totally encrypted and it will not be possible to add them?

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Hello! The update will of course be available to all current and future customers. And yes, it is possible to add custom functions by yourself, everything is described in our documentation :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest <3

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Awesome, you have a new client when you release the next update :smiley:

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