Admin Abuse

From what I have realised, the comunity in this server is absolutely great. I have spent around 4 hours and I was already enjoying myself. Although, as soon as I found myself in a Roleplay encounter with an admin everything went downhill. I came up to the Admin who was in character and I began speaking to him, he told me his name and then as a joke I called him “Old man (Name)”. From where he said, “You will not speak to me like this in my county.” From what I understood he was just an egotistical character. Things escalated, I insulted his Character and he decided to kill me. When the Sheriff’s came, he told the Sheriff’s that I slipped and hit my head from where the Sheriffs replied “Ok” and rode off (lying to the law and getting away with it because he is an Admin). A Policeman revived me and I decided to insult him again and told him that he is lying to the law (the witnesses lied as well) from where he killed me again, said he was “Trying to help me” and then another Admin appeared and told the Police to go away because this was now a “Government situation”. From where the Admin said “You’re not welcome here, rule break or not we own this server buddy.” From where I was permanently banned and falsely banned for “RDM” which is an absolute joke since I was RDM’ed twice by an Admin and the second time infront of the law. When I took myself to the Discord Server to appeal, they banned me from making messages, deleted my messages and deleted my appeal and then permanently banned me from their Discord Server. What a fucking joke, absolute joke. I was Permanently banned for something I didn’t even commit? You make your own opinion of this but from what I can see when you are an Admin, you can go around and do whatever the fuck you want without any accord for other people. A corrupt Powerhouse of a server what an absolute joke man.

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