[ADDON] [WEAPON] Modullar Battering Ram

Battering Ram Modules: (Modules are included but not activated if you know how to you can do yourself)

“Soon To be MODULAR” Battering Ram weapon model and configuration.

Model is accessible No
Subscription-based N/A
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

does it have a custom animation so it actually looks like you smacking the door down? or is it just the model?

Sounds good, i’ll be keeping an eye out for it :slight_smile:

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Just the model mate.

extreme weapon

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Replace any weapon ? Or need to add ?

If this included battering anim i would buy, good work!

adds new weapon

currently working on the animation, also a friend of mine is developing a door cracking script for it

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looks dope only thing stopping me from buying this is the fact the developer lied in the tebex page " plug and play" but says " model only " and " not yet activated " so clearly not plug and play.

it is plug and play, Modular parts are not configured. So you only have cylinder head ready to use for other heads you need to configure it yourself or you can wait for the animation update. :grin:

how do i work this in my server.