[ADDON][ESX] Inventory HUD - Vehicle trunk 2.4.0

did you find a fix for the trunk not opening?

Hi had the very same issue and only just solved it, can’t say its a perma fix but it corrects the issue.
In /server/esx_trunk-sv.lua, at line 110, comment out this
if targetItem.limit == -1 or ((targetItem.count + count) <= targetItem.limit) then
and replace with this
local targetItemQuantity = xPlayer.getInventoryItem(item).count
if targetItemQuantity > 0 then

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My itens are multiplying

this is definetly not a temporary fix

Some times i can open a trunk and other times it does nothing anyone know a fix to this issue

Can I change the maximum cargo support for a specific addon vehcle rather than a hole category?

i can put in and take out weapons but when i put in items from the db, i cannot take them out. is there any fix to this?

if targetItem.limit == -1 or ((targetItem.count + count) <= targetItem.limit) then

if xPlayer.canCarryItem(item, count) then

solve it once and for all

Thx it work for me :DDD

mine is permafix
artias_nz doesnt check for inventory space. So bassicaly even if your inventory is full , you can still withdraw items