Addon cars wont spawn in game after recent update

My fiveM updated this morning. When i go into my server and spawn an addon car it wont spawn. Only the cars in the regular slots spawn . Any ideas?? Thanks

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And before update? It was ok?

I am having same problem with added peds, the default slots work fine but anything added that uses “peds.meta” is not working, as for added vehicle’s those seem to work fine for me.

Yes last night it was working fine. This morning the only thing i did was add a vehicleshare.ytd to my server to get fpi hubcaps working. I thought that was the problem but i deleted it and cleared the cache. When i launch fiveM it updated and i wasnt able to spawn my added vehicle slots.

Where is your ped.meta file located?

Also bx where is your vehicle.meta file located?

Same problem here! Metas are installed in normal path on FiveM client side.
Could it be that now we need to stream the metas??

I’m having a similar issue with both added peds and vehicles, both metas are streamed from the server.

Could someone share a resource to reproduce this? We have tested it on quite a few servers but apparently not enough.

So I have moved my metas to the same resource I use for streaming my YTDs and the added cars and peds appear to be working from my tests.

Can you be alittle more specific as to what you want? Ill gladly teamviewer if you like

Did you add anything to your resource.lua? And you just put the metas in the resource/whatever the name you have (where the stream folder is inside) folder?

Can you send a screenshot please of where exactly you put the metas please

Anywhere in the same resource should be fine

meta and carva cant spawn my custom cars in game just vanilla slot …

I put the metas in the same resource as the content I have streamed. (streamedcontent (resource folder) > stream , __resource.lua , metas , > YTD content. I’ll post a screen shot of what it looks like as well.

Got it to work! Thanks!

yeah but when i try to spawm my custum slot nothing invalide model ?

It sounds like the game isn’t reading your meta file, do other add on cars spawn or just this one? If its only one then there may be an issue with the meta its self.

yeah i just put a little code in my lua and yeah its working great!

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