Addon Cars. No more is needed to make this MP Great

Hello friends.

As you can see by the title, one of most thing, that is needed in this alternative multiplayer is support of additional DLC packages.
Some say “Why? You can replace original files, and then you got same effect!”
Nope, by replacing files, you are limited by thing as you replace. Eg. Cars. When you try replace AE86 as Futo, then you don’t have automatic popup headlights, character have problems to get in, less tune options and car is spawning in traffic so that for some people can be performance hit (most when you have a loot cars replaced).

But that’s not all. DLC packs, can be for servers good thing to making interesting gamemods.

For me that is one of must have things, that is needed in Five Reborn. That makes game more open for modding, and in result more attractive.

You can consider such a possibility? :slight_smile:

gta:streaming:five does have support for adding additional streaming entries to the various rage::strStreamingModule instances, and before_level_meta metadata entries should be possible to be used for loading additional meta files (for dataFileMgr) that would be loaded similarly (albeit avoiding content changesets) to content.xml in the DLC system.

Whoa. Thats’s looks interesting, but I’m no’t specialist in scripting and this looks for like from other world. There is any hope for easy to understand tutorial?
Anyway, that as I understand, that not changing some of script files (extratitleupdatedata.meta, dlclist.xml), that are required to make DLC packs work. You thing, how that can be works?

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