Adding Scripts to Server?

How can I add scripts to my server? I try but it just gives me a 403 HTTP_FORBIDDEN error when I try and join

What scripts were you trying to add?

I am trying to add some of the scripts from Mr. Scammers script collection here. The never wanted script worked but when I tried to add different scripts it did not work.

Send some screenshots for me:

  • Your citmp-server.yml (blur the password or change it!)
  • Your resources/ directory
  • Any errors in the server console

I will have to do this when I get home. I will post here when I have them!

Also, I don’t know if the crash is client side or server side. I will also add a screenshot of the error.

You aren’t crashing are you? It’s just giving you an error inside the client in the green strip where it normally says “Connecting…”?

No, when I try to connect to the server the game crashes and give the 403 HTTP_FORBIDDEN Error

try entering a few times, it could be downloading the files but kicking you out for no reason

Tried but didn’t work :confused: don’t know why. I will post screenshots when I get home

[details=Summary][/details] This is what is does when I try to join with certain scripts installed :confused: