Adding npc's, know basic lua

How would i go about adding npc’s in the world? I see that the stores script got deleted and thats exactly what i wanted. I know very very basic lua but i see the wiki does not have much documentation on things, at least not that i saw. Can anyone point me in the right way?

CreatePed(type, hash, x, y, z, heading, true, true)

So i have this so far, is this going to work correctly? I also have it in the resource lua as server_script

addEventHandler ("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(), pedLoad)
-- Create Peds for all the stores
	function pedLoad (name)
		CreatePed(4, 0xAC4B4506, -2966.36, 390.745, 15.0433, 0.0, true, true)

– Create Peds for all the stores

Funny how people try to add the stores back, i had the resource available for months nobody wanted to help with it, so i am not going to help you guys with this


I saw that no one helped, sorry i missed out on this. I didnt know about fivem until 3 weeks ago and started my server 3 days ago. The community needs to help each other if its going to thrive but it seems a lot of people dont, a shame. Hopefully i can figure this out but thanks for the head start!

EDIT: I could still use a little help if anyone is willing to help. Dont really understand how to do this yet, been messing around with a bunch of ways to do this and none seem to work. I should also note im not trying to put npc in every store, just one.

What is the hash in ped ? thx for answer

fuck if i know, i gave up on trying to figure this out. I looked around to see if i could find any explanation or breakdown on shit but i couldn’t