ADD-ON problems

I can install some add on mods but whenever one add on mod has 2 or more handling/vehicle .meta’s like this one:, it crashes without a very clear reason the only thing it said in the logs is that is has failed to find an model (wich is the second handling/vehicle meta, i think) so do you guys know this problem and is there a solution?

I’d just choose a different model. It’s probably an incompatibility issue.

content.xml ?

@GanjaMonster what do you mean?

for addons you need all the metas client side in the proper folder and the content.xml is used to read that folder and what folder is what etc

@GanjaMonster so where does that one go?

\citizen\dlc\dlc_mpapartment for ex and right there then you create data folder common etc after that

@GanjaMonster when i do this it says it need 90 dlc packs and i have 89 :\

try a gameconfig for addons ?

@GanjaMonster gameconfig?


@GanjaMonster but that is not the problem, it is that i miss one dlc when i try this altough i do have it

where did you install it maybe you missed something or did a dlc thats not supported by reborn yet

@GanjaMonster when i do this one: ‘’\citizen\dlc\dlc_mpapartment’’ it said i have 89 dlc and need 90

well if its an addon it cannot be mpapartment it needs to be the name of the addon im sure

@GanjaMonster but i don’t think fivereborn will load it then

thats why the context.xml does the loading it makes it that it loads those extra files but the car u put on the server and just install metas client sided

@GanjaMonster so i make a folder ‘’\citizen\dlc\dlc_stuka’’?

yea try that then bput the files that came in the addon like common x64 folders all that in that folder