Add new mk2 weapons mods streaming and fix their icons in hud

Pls, cause weapons are already in fivem, but we can’t stream mods for them, and when you take new mk2 weapons, there are no icons for them.

I don’t know if this will work, Ill try get a hud.ytd and stream that which may fix the issue, I’ll give it a shot now and get back to you.

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Thank you very much, but it looks like that problems are in hud.gfx, there are no mentions of new mk2 there. I stream hud.ytd and it has icons in it.

Try getting a mk2 hud, thats what I did and it solved the solution. You will need one that was made after the update that included the weapons.

What? Where I can get that hud? I have latest version of a game. I don’t get what you mean.

We have done this on our server it is a simple case of replacing some .DDS files using OpenIV inside the /maps/map.ytd

You can find the Icons for the MK2 weapons in the Vanilla GTA Files, using OpenIV

It was very straightforward, easier than changing the Radio Stations Icon wheel.

Can you change the recoil and other aspects in the mk2 weapons.meta? @MF_Tomino_Sama