Add in a way to find servers specifically

I know it sounds confusing but make so it when you type fire it comes up with servers that only do FireRP or Police for PoliceRP.

I don’t understand exactly what you are asking but the search system for the servers is quite thorough, and even has a cheat sheet link to help you search exactly what you would want to find. I searched fire and got only servers with fire in the name.

You can search direct strings, so you can include spaces if you want (you’ll probably get more server with fire in their description rather in their name like this)

And you can even add exclusion filters (To help remove some of the description servers or whatever)

Your suggestion doesn’t make very much sense, search is meant to include server name, tags, and descriptions, excluding that seems more like a breakage then anything.

A better suggestion might be to add the ability to filter out descriptions similar to how you can do it with tags.

I mean for FivePD servers. I have been looking for a FivePD server that only dose FiveFR butq they are hard to find.