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https://actualrp.net (website under construction)

Welcome to ActualRP, where your experience and time means everything to us. Come join the community as we start the city and begin our stories and adventures. Here at Actual RP, we strive for great interactions, to create wonderful stories and bring around great roleplay for all to enjoy. It all starts with you! We invite you to introduce yourself to the community and bring your character(s) to bring some great fun to the city. Whether you are a criminal mastermind or a simple civilian that is working towards owning their own business and live on the legal side, Actual has it for you! As we have just opened the gates to the train to the city, we will make it our mission to provide great content for all to experience and try to push out updates as much as possible.

What You Will Find Here:

  • Custom Scripts, Custom Jobs, Custom Drugs and more! (Our developer/owner does one hell of a job! Thank you Jeebus)

  • Plans to push updates and new content are always in the works or being brainstormed. We are open to suggestions as well!

  • A Great and Welcoming Community that strives to have fun and enjoy the experience

  • Staff as well as a Community that strives for great Roleplay!

  • Custom Cars added as the population grows

  • Optimized Scripts to ensure high quality, stability and performance.


  • Player Owned Mechanic Shop with a Custom Mechanic script.

  • A Dedicated, Friendly staff to ensure that the community is running at high standards as well as listening to players and the users of our community.

  • Drugs and illegal jobs that are reputation based

  • Skill System, Crafting, and much more!

  • Coming Soon: Player Owned Business’, More Drugs, More Jobs!

Come check out the community and city! We are happy to invite you


Yes!! We are open and happy to have any of you in our community! We also have a New Player’s Guide and is being worked on so if you have any questions or issues, they should be answered there! Our staff is amazing and super friendly!

LSPD, EMS and Mechanics are in high demand! All applicants welcome, come check us out :slight_smile:

New Updates/Change log:

-Fishing now relieves stress as it should
-Illegal activities now increase stress in very small amounts as always intended
-Cracking safes in houses will now increase safe cracking skill and have checked and adjusted all other skills to also work as intended
-Adjusted stress effects and removed blacking out while stressed or injured except when its a head injury
-Changed store robberies to only 2 police needed on duty
-Increased chance for materials like plastic from garbage job and searching dumpsters and removed items like fish hooks and lighters and many other price and item tweaks around the city

Come one, come all! Bump!

We just hit over 100 members on Discord! We will be having a in city event to celebrate and invite you all.

New Changelog:

  • New inventory system with added functions…have modified to suit the city and added our crafting etc…only issue is does not show crafting ingredients…yet