Actual review

This server is good if you’re looking to not RP completely this server is filled with rdm,vdm,failrp and metagaming the servers admins are horrible as they also break rules constantly the reason for this is because there is no application process to become a staff member so, therefore, all the staff members accepted to the team are either new to staffing or don’t know how to RP most of the staff are also 9yr olds and the owners also do not know how to create an effective staff team as even the staff get treated badly by the owners themselves. pretty much this server is good if you are new to fivem and looking to learn the basics although if you’re looking for an actual good RP experience then this isn’t the server for you… And I Would recommend you find a smaller server if you’re looking for an actual good RP experience as smaller servers tend to have the best RP experiences.


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