Active Law Enforcement Officer Looking for Server

Hey there, my name is Jameston and I’m an active Law Enforcement Officer in the US looking for a large life server that may want me on their department. I’m not particularly interested in a small community with scheduled patrols. If anyone has what I’m looking for, please contact me here:

Discord: Jameston#0065

Hey Jamestown, I don’t have access to discord while at work ( I work in a Fed Detention Facility) but maybe you will see this. Come check us out brother… I just made Corporal on our server last night. We are looking for LEO. Have a great group of ppl that play daily!

Hey Jameston, were a new 18+ community that is looking for IRL LEO’s / EMS to be apart of our team, so that we can focus on real professionalism and try to get as realistic RP as possible, if that something your interested in ill post some links below,

did you come check us out?


Paradise Public Safety RP

We have IRL Officers and Dispatchers!

I would check out GMAC (GTA Mobile Alabama Clan), we are a police roleplaying server that has been alive since 2013. We started out on Grand Theft Auto IV and switched over to GTA V when FiveM released…

YouTube Channel:

Hey I own a server called American Life Roleplay. We are a small community and looking for members and would like to have some experienced LEO. Drop by and check us out we have lots of options and subdivisions for any kind of roleplay.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of FlockRP

hey dude! our city sounds like the perfect fit for you and your friends!
FlockRP is the way forward :smiley:

cfx direct link ->

Discord ->

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Above Limits Roleplay
No need for a long dialogue… I will cut the shit and keep it sweet

Dream it: when you join a server that emphasizes your passion to the car scene, you want to be able to share your truest passions with everyone, you want your passion to be true to be lit to be uniquely built. You have now Dreamt it.

Now let’s Build it:
ALRP wants you to have all the tools you need to build your car the way you want, the way you like, the way you dreamt it up and we give you that to create it all your way. We have built our server from the ground up around full interaction with your vehicles. All the features we have for you car lovers :
• Working Odometers (mileage tracking with wear and tear on performance over time)

• Vehicle Upgrades/cosmetics affect handling and performance (spoilers , tires , etc)

• Tuning : take your ride to a whole new level with our new tuning process we took the idea of the tuning chip and we built something way more interactive and meaningful we allowed you to redefine your car entirely from boost to traction to gear timing , to gears , torque , to cornering , springs , ride height and much more in hind sight you can build a sweet drift car or a street car or track or even a fucking drag beast !!! Your choice !

… and more

Now that you have dreamt up your car,
Now that you have took your passion earned the money and built your masterpiece you now want to tests it’s capabilities

We have race tracks , drag strips , drift courses and tournaments we have time attacks and car meets and ride outs and auctions and anything you can think of to compete …

There’s many more features but we want you to see for yourself!:checkered_flag::racing_car::dash:

Hey you should come check out WonderRP. We are np inspired! We have tons to do clothing, everything that cops would need etc. Theres so much to do on WonderRP. Here is a quick clip of our motels.