Abusing Staff/PD + Non existing RP

I’ve been playing this server for a month now and there’s no RP whatsoever, not even the Police. And to add on to PD not RPing, they sell the drugs they take off you when they’re off-duty and use the guns they take off you when they’re off-duty and also clean the dirty money they take even though this is “semi serious”, but every cop is a gang member and they nvr arrest people in their gang, and also, admins show favoritism towards their gang and never give them comms or a ban, they just say “go seperate ways” and there’s a lot of people in this city who know how to RP but RDM and get away and act like they’re new and admins just leave it like that. A month ago, all I seen was 12 gang members holding ARs pressing everyone they see which is not at all close to RP, and there’s a lot of people who TH (take hostage) kill in GZ (greenzone) And the staff is the worst part, they don’t even listen to your side, even if the person reporting you have an invalid clip, the admin will say “At least they have a clip” and give you 200 comms or a 3 day ban with no valid clip. The owners, (Bradley & Killa)… They just don’t have control of their PD or staff. Please DO NOT play this if you’re looking for fair staff or good RP, this is a 100K with unfair and biased staff

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