About toggleid

possible reason toogle ID not showing above the head? even i press Z

probably the script not being configured properly.

any sample pls?

i using esx_scoreboard

which toggle are you using?

as far as i know , this still works https://github.com/DevLanceGood/fivem-toggleid/blob/master/client.lua


any related to toogle id esx_scoreboard? because we try to our server its working but in our live server is not working

Considering both of them use a way to get the Player ID, It should work fine. Are you currently using OneSync?
If you are maybe wanna study OneSync+ and future work on OneSync
The loops more than likely need changing…
for id = 0, 31 do
for id = 0, 256 do

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Using the GET_ACTIVE_PLAYERS native is better and saves iterating to 256 when there (obviously, right now) won’t be 256 players.

Here’s an example if it’s usage:


oh yes we are onsync already i will try this!

thank you for this guide

how to change the loops i can’t find this script

i can’t find this script this is under scoreboard?


this line guys?


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