\\About the Graphic resource Error

(gta 1.0.678.1 online 1.33 “pirated version”)

I am Talking about this:

NUIWindow::UpdateFrame: ID3D11Texture2D::QueryInterface(IDXGIKeyedMutex) failed - your GPU driver likely does not support Direct3D shared resources correctly. Please update to the latest version of Windows and your GPU driver to resolve this problem.

I have a laptop and I don’t have an option in my BIOS to Disable The integrated card (i have intel hd 4000 +AMD 7670m) :frowning:

i tried to use the Commandline trick(-noVendorAPI) but did not work (i putted it in the main game directory and in the client location)

i tried to disable the intel card from the Device manager and enable it again after the launcher runs(The game gets stuck ) but also it gets stuck on loading…

this is just a request from me to the devs …can you make the launcher with commandline or something? :confused:

or just include a fix in the next version of the Fivereborn Build :smiley:

I have Intel HD 4000 and an AMD 7730M. Run it in Windows Vista SP2 compatibility mode or Windows 8 compatibility mode. Make sure you launch it as an administrator as well.

let me seee…

@nokizorque so it worked :smiley: … But i now ha another Error (called recursive recursive error)


(gta 1.0.678.1 online 1.33 “pirated version”)