About the "boost your favourite server" Update

I really like this update. It helps the people that have enough money for a subscription to boost their server and it makes it much easier to get a community for their server.


I know this is to praise FiveM but what would be feedback if I would only say the good things and don’t say what could be better on FiveM, so here is what in my opinnion needs to get better:

The boost stuff is really nice as I Said but there are server that boost the server with stolen credit cards (I don’t want to name a server here) or saying that the community needs to boost the server or they can’t play on it.

So this is in my oppinion the absolute wrong way to get a community and shouldn’t be possible. Also this makes it difficult for newbies to get a community even If they buy a subscription.

I hope that everyone who reads this takes it serious abd Just to say it:
I don’t want that this Update get’s deleted or something, but it shouldn’t go into
“Pay to win to get a community” that way.

Thanks and Most regards,

Credit card fraud should be reported to the FBI or institutions of the sort. The boost service happens through the use of Patreon subscriptions, so if you know of any credit card fraud report it to them too. This is something FiveM can never prevent.

Nor is forcing players to buy a Patreon subscription and boosting a server to play on it. This is not against the FiveM ToS and just a matter of how it steers the “market”. If people fall for such an idiotic requirement then I pity them. They should not do this and should know themselves how crazy that is.

TLDR: nice praise on the boosts, but the pitfalls you mentioned are ones that are completely out of FiveMs control and responsibility

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Thanks for your answer and explains. I’ll go report them later on patreon then.

I love fivem