PlayerPedId() is much faster.

anyway, how to add exp to serverside and update in client side when doing some job
iam using this after addinventoryitem
TriggerClientEvent(‘esx_xp:Add’, xPlayer, 200)
but nothing happen.


if transformQuantity >= 100 then

                    TriggerClientEvent('esx:showNotification', _source, _U('too_many_pouches'))

                    TriggerClientEvent('esx_drugs:unfreeze', _source)

                elseif itemQuantity < v.QToProcess then

                    TriggerClientEvent('esx:showNotification', _source, _U('not_enough', drug))

                    TriggerClientEvent('esx_drugs:unfreeze', _source)


                    if xPlayer.canCarryItem(v.Item, jmlh) then

                        xPlayer.removeInventoryItem(v.Item, v.QToProcess, 888)

                        xPlayer.addInventoryItem(v.ItemTransform, 5, 888)

                        Transform(_source, drug)

                        TriggerClientEvent('esx_xp:Add', xPlayer, 200)



How do I lock a weapon / vehicle / unlockable to a rank in database value not variable in code ?

Hey, awesome script, im getting an “invalid id” error when adding exp…what could this be? also leaderboard is not showing…any help is appreciated!

Whyare you calling it esx if its ur own framework? Im using esx and i cant get it working…“invalid ID” im getting when i try to add exp manually…can u make it work for esx? I really like to have that leaderboard and gta o lvl system, its a great script!

Hello, please tell me how to make XP are given every hour in a certain amount

	while true do
		Citizen.Wait(3600000) -- Time between XP add in milliseconds
		exports.esx_xp:ESXP_Add(xp --[[ integer ]])