A Server That Can't Handle Criticism

Apparently my previous review was removed because some people can’t seem to understand how a review works. I don’t care if it’s treated as slander but let me repeat myself about this server.

This server is plagued with plenty of issues stemming from it’s lack of playerbase and promotion to it’s ridiculous lack of support. Often the staff will waste time spawning in their own cars and auto-healing themselves which breaks the immerision of roleplay. Several people who abused their privileges from another server migrated here and due to some form of favoritism they were made admins. The server is riddled with bugs and glitches. There is hardly any PD presence roaming around. Basically the server is just a waste of time and caters more to doing whatever you want than actual roleplaying.

I don’t care how many times my review will get removed but it shows a lack of honesty and responsibility the people of this server have.

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