A Great Server

Always a welcoming server to new people and helpful. The posted comments that have a negative review are unfortunitly are from a group that dont see things through and believe that those involved within the server already have a win mentality. However the said group came into the city making accusations and provided no proof. They continued to constantly play the PVP aspect instead of creating a story for their character(s) to have a backround that made sence. They were given just about everything they wanted script/eup/mlo yet still continued to lay blame that their voices were never hurd and as expected once one of their members causes drama the sheep follow.

When a server has 8-10 people already months involved and has business’s, evolving economy etc it makes it impossible for the accusations that have been mentioned. As a Member (NOT STAFF) that has 6000+ hours invested in FiveM, everyone has their own opinion but to callout a entire community is pointless, specialy when some of individuals do nothing but server hop and post bad reviews.

Prove me wrong :slight_smile:


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