A City of Broken Promise

RedrumRP is a strange city to make a review about. Have I had fun in this city? Sure. Do I think this city has potential to be a great city? Yes. Do I want to stay here? No.

So let’s talk first about the good things about RedrumRP, because it deserves to be said. Redrum and his team have done a great job at the techinal aspects of this place. Every system feels like they fit together and aren’t just hacked in addons some noob copy and pasted into it. FiveM is always a square peg in a round hole situation but Redrum has created one of the most stable servers you can find, even on par with more popular servers like Nopixel.

But this doesn’t make the city good. RedrumRP is a place that lacks vision and a good foundation that has lead to it’s issues that has left myself and other feeling defeated. The main issue is that while the cops and robbers aspect of the game is fleshed out pretty well, there isn’t much else to do. This is the first city I’ve seen in any RP server, both FiveM and beyond, that doesn’t have a social hub or two. Most servers have a few spots where people like to gather to talk, meet new people, etc. but that doesn’t exist here. Even when there is max amounts of people in the city, it can feel like a ghost town because everyone is squirreled away. There are bars and businesses throughout the city but 99% of the time, they are dead. The only time people gather in this city is when someone throws an event, which while you do see them pop up more often, is normally a loud, headpopping chaotic scene that never feels like it has direction.

Making money legally on this server is also an issue. Most of the “Legal” jobs pay peanuts unless it’s one of the big 3: EMS, Mechanics, or Police. The only job worth doing beyond this is the mind numbing mining job which can net you 20-30k for an hour of work and offers low amounts of RP except when you sell iron ingots to mechs or copper to moonshiners. It’s also the only non-whitelist job that has any connection to the rest of the city. Post Ops has you driving a truck deliverying packages to NPCs, Farming has you planting seeds in Grapeseed. The chicken place has your processing meat (although a recent change to food crafting might finally connect this to restaurants, but it’s too early to tell.) Each job pays very little compared to the illegal jobs such as robbing banks and making drugs, which can make living legally in this city boring.

And you would think that with the illegal jobs being the core money making way, that you’d have a lot of fun with it, but sadly, it just brings unnecessary drama. RedrumRP is the first Police State I’ve ever seen, where someone is guilty until proven innocent. The police are the judge, jury, and executioner. Getting arrested goes like this: You go to jail, get asked if you pled guilty or not guilty for the crime. Guilty you go to prison for 100% of the time given. Not Guilty has it where if NO LAWYERS are in the city, you get 9s until you can get in contact with a lawyer. If a LAWYER IS IN THE CITY, you still have to do 30% of your time then in court they decide if you do the rest of your time. There is no bail bond system and the judges are activally working against having such system put in place. And you don’t have to even get charged with a crime to get punished for one. If your car is used in a crime and someone shoots a cop, the police can scrap your car, even if they can’t actually pin you to the crime. Your car is gone and you must sue the police to get your money’s worth from this.

And good luck getting an admin to do anything about this. The admin are very pro-police and I’ve even seen Redrum in Twitch streams say that he will give all the power to police that he wants. The admin are very rude and unhelpful at times. There is a rule in the city that you can only own two houses and two businesses. I found that a person had 3 houses and reported it. The admin returned and said that one of the properties, marked “Private Home” was a business. After asking how someone could have a house be a business, the ticket was closed. I made another ticket to report admin abuse because the only way to have a house be a business is if an Admin changed it and that ticket was closed without comment.

It’s sad that this is the state of this server. It’s got so much going for it, but unfortunately terrible admins and W Seeking Police continue to drain the soul from me and many people I’ve befriended in this city. I’ve seen dozens of people leave the city because of the bullshit and feel as if my time here will soon end too. I wish for this place to turn around but nothing so far has given me confidence that it will.

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