A&C Networks | FivePD and Roleplay | Hiring Departments and Staff | Join us @ discord.gg/ftKgDPcNS5

A&C Networks is a semi-serious roleplay server that combines FivePD & Roleplay all in one!

We do ask that all players atleast:

  • Have a working mic when in roleplay.
  • Speak English when in roleplay
  • Act professional and respectful to everyone within our servers.

We have a variety of different addons to help ensure everyone has a good time.

  • Plenty of different departments and sub-divisions to choose
  • A fully functional CAD system to use
  • Roleplay and FivePD in-game
  • Custom EUP uniforms for departments
  • Custom Civ and LEO Vehicles
  • Custom Interiors and Exteriors around San Andreas

We are also

  • Hiring new staff for our discord and server
  • Looking for department heads
  • Looking for civs

And Much More!
We are always adding new and improved updates to our server and would love
your support and recommendations! We hope to see you on our server sometime soon :slight_smile: