9h457l33j03k3rr aka formerly GhastLeeJoeKerr of GTA:O shame

Known and subsequently hated by a few ID’s across the modding community, particularly the GTA V modding community, for being overly serious and obsessively hating oppressive admins/moderators and their fanboys who get away with forum murder because they are part of the moderator/admin in-crowd.

My mods aren’t public, never will be as they are entirely built around ideas i believe should be in the game and since they are personal, not about to put them into general circulation. One notable one was the external semi-AI InsurgentBot, which was a resurrection of a KITT AI emulator i originally built for the original (but unpublished) KR game (not the arcade trash Ocean published) - ressurected mostly to test the tech side in principle to Rage engine because whilst there were KR mode mods, and autodrive mods, the KR’s lacked the subtlety inherent to the man-machine team and fusion intent of KITT in KR and the autodrive mods were somewhere between dire and barely worthy of autopilot status, in most cases.

Amongst my more notable public arena developer achievements was designing at 14, a digital traffic logging system for commercial radio repeaters and at 17 expanding it to suit the fetus-like emergence of digital mode radio communications for LMR and such applications. Not a bad achievement for a guy with an old Sinclair computer and some old early SBC boards and a large pile of scrap occupied surplus PCB’s.

So i guess my better contributions to 5RB will probably more of a ‘keeping an eye on quality’ and looking at technical improvement issues and generally where it is heading and don’t be too surprised at an outspoken mode of comment, as the MultiFive community have already been subjected to, as were GTA5-MODs.

Quite an introduction you made, welcome to the community!

That username tho.