8gb or 12gb RAM to FiveM!

I have a big problem. In GTA 5, I have 60 fps all the time, using 5.8GB Ram.
In FiveM on any server I can not keep 60 fps and the consumption reaches 6.5GB Ram (Win 10 x64).

Do you think that this is a small amount of frame memory?
Or maybe the fault of the internet?

PC :
i7 2600k 3,8 GHz
GTX 1060 3Gb
4x2gb Corsair DDR3 1333MHz
500w PSU

Internet 10mb download / 1mb upload

Please help !

What resources do you use? They are often poorly optimized, when it comes to flora overhaul or even add on cars without LODs etc.

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I was play on Drift Servers (Velocity) and RP (IRP)

Well, like I said. Poor optimization is to blame. A lot of server are just about to get as much stuff inside as possible. But that can really ruin the whole experience, IMO.

That’s why I decided to build the server on my own and focus more on it’s core, rather then just random content.

Take a look - it’s in it’s early stage, but already playable and I have very good feedback from guys overall. :slight_smile: