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8Bit RP is a serious GTA roleplay server that is focusing on building the best immersive experience to both new players and veterans to the scene. We want you to be able to enjoy the city and achieve your character’s wildest dreams - whether that’s owning their own business, becoming a drug lord, running the street racing scene, shutting down crime as a police officer, helping the wounded at Pillbox Hospital, or something as simple as a garbage route.


FiveM Server: https://cfx.re/join/39bedo

Website: https://www.8bit.gg (Launching 10/1)

Discord: https://discord.gg/8BitRP

Twitter: https://twitter.com/8BitRP

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@8BitRP

Here at 8Bit RP we have an active development team and staff that are driving towards fostering captivating roleplay much like you see from some of your favorite streamers. Our management and development team bring years of community and server development experience that we aim to use to offer unique experiences as we build our population.

8Bit RP has a vast amount of activities (both legal and illegal) along with legal job opportunities in the city - most of them are always looking for new employees. Join one of our monthly Town Halls to hear about development progress and see how our community shapes our roadmap!



Active Staff, Developers, and Community

Strong Anti-Cheat

Multi-Character System

Legal Jobs and Activities

Interactive Phone

  • Full Camera with ability to record video and take selfies!

  • Social Media including Instagram and Twitter.

  • Send/receive money with Cash App or manage your Bank Account.

  • Find businesses on Yellow Pages or your next deal on the Dark Web!

Player Owned Businesses

  • Benny’s Motorworks & Customs - Each individual shop is player-owned and managed with their own name. They hire and manage real player mechanics, which is the only way to upgrade and customize your car in the city.

  • Shops / Bars / Restaurants - Businesses owned and managed by players with their own employees managing stock, employees, sales, etc.

  • Trucking Business - Start your own trucking company and fulfill both NPC orders and each of the player-owned business stocking orders throughout the city. Upgrade your truck and business as you gain experience!

Whitelisted Jobs

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Department (BCSO)

  • In-depth police system to foster long lasting criminal stories.

  • In RP Police Department interview process.

  • Emergency Medical Services & Fire (EMS/Fire Services)

  • San Andreas Department of Justice (Lawyers/Judges)

  • Weazel News

  • Luxury Car Dealer


  • Start your criminal empire or join one of the major active gangs in the city!

  • Whitelisted gangs receive additional benefits including boss menu, stash, hideout, and gang-owned garage.

Realistic Drug System

  • Multiple drugs with different effects, multiple ways to get into business.

  • Start your own grow operation, become a drug kingpin in distribution, sell on the corner, or just bypass it all and steal from another crew.

Heists and Illegal Activities

  • Bank Robberies including Pacific Vault

  • House Robberies

  • Store Robberies

  • Drug Missions

Crafting System and Black Market

  • Illegal items and blueprints are crafted in certain areas around the city or purchased at the black market.

  • Legal crafting is available to specific jobs, find out in RP.

Realistic Vehicle Handling

  • Each vehicle tested and custom tuned by a dedicated team.

  • Updates weekly including limited time imported custom cars.

Player Owned Houses

  • Own your own home with a choice of interior.

  • Decorate your house with purchasable items.

  • Personal house garages - share your vehicles with anyone you share house keys with.

Custom Clothing and Uniforms

Purchasable Shipping Containers

  • Store extra supplies for your business, or have a place to keep your illegal items away from the prying eyes of the cops!

Monthly Town Halls for community feedback, input, and suggestions!

  • Features in Development
    ‣ New Racing and Car Boosting System
    ‣ Additional Heists
    ‣ New Prison System
    ‣ New Features for Player Businesses
    ‣ New Legal Jobs and Activities

We are constantly working on new activities, features, quality of life changes, and optimizing for better performance. There are some major systems we are designing and building - come join us in our next town hall and be part of building something great!

Join us in Discord at 🎮 8BitRP 🎮


Our next community Town Hall is scheduled for Sunday, September 19th @ 5 PM EST. Join us to talk about the current state of development, get feedback from the community, and update our roadmap as we go.

One of the updates coming this week include a huge phone upgrade:

New Features

  • Twitter Profiles / Messages
  • FaceTime (This may take some time to implement)
    ‣ Video chat other players.
  • VoiceMail
    ‣ Leave voicemail for offline players.
  • Group Texts
  • GIPHY in Texts (GIFs)
  • Flashlight
  • Racing App
    ‣ Similar to 1.0 Racing System
    ‣ Create race routes and organize races with multiple laps.
  • News App
    ‣ Reporter job can post news/pictures from phone.
  • GPS App
    ‣ You can save locations by name and share with friends via message.
  • Notes
    ‣ Save notes that you type up.
  • Music App
    ‣ Search and listen to music.
    ‣ Future place to release in-city music.
  • Car Seller
    ‣ Buy and sell cars right from your app.
  • Calculator

Updated Features

  • Mouse Control Only
    ‣ You can walk or drive while using the phone.
  • Bank App
    ‣ Transfer using phone numbers whether online or offline, history shows in bank account.
  • Control Center
    ‣ Adjust brightness and volume
  • Notification System
  • Crypto App
    ‣ Crypto is easier to buy/sell.
  • Valet
    ‣ Shows whether vehicle is out or parked.
  • Games
    ‣ Snake, Blackjack, 2048, Tetris

OMG finally, flying in now


Blaine County Sheriff’s Office is hiring officers that are 18 years and older for all shifts! Some exceptions apply with extended interview process and recommendation.

All hiring besides the initial Discord application is done in-city and in-roleplay, which allows everyone to stay immersed and spend more time in the city.

The BCSO has two duty vehicles with two more currently being built and tuned by our dedicated vehicle team.

  • Current In-service Cruisers
    ‣ 2018 Dodge Charger with Police Package
    ‣ Harley Davidson Police Super Glide

  • Preparing for Shipping
    ‣ 2019 Ford Mustang 5.0 with Interceptor Package
    ‣ 2018 Chevy Tahoe with Interceptor Package

Join us in city and apply today!