7 Cities RP |No OOC||Active Staff||Discord Whitelist||Legal & Illegal Activities|

7 Cities RP is an up and coming city based in the US.

We have plenty of activities to do on your own as well as in role play scenarios.

We are currently looking for whitelisted job employees such as

-Police: State, Local & Sheriff

-Medical: Medical Director

-Mechanics: Tow Truck Drivers & Roadside Assistance

-Car Dealers: Salesmen/Women

-And dozens more ways to make your grind that much more interesting

So, come on in start your story! Never know where it may lead you!

You can even go underground and start your own organization or enterprise!

Join our Discord for more information: [7 Cities RP- FiveM]

Feel free to message with any questions, comments, or concerns

Update 5/31/2022

We have officially moved away from the use of TeamSpeak

Added a whole new phone system for easier and more immersive communication in the city.

We have an immediate opening for a new Police Chief as well as Medical Director.

-If interested, feel free to reach out in discord and we can get you interview and get you on your way.